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Originally Posted by Agni View Post
How so? It only takes minutes for a full charge with Tesla's supercharger. Many people have done coast to coast trips. I think 400mi+ range cars are gonna the be the norm in 10yrs at the premium end.

I would think BMW and/or 3rd parties will have something similar in the future.
It's not as good as you think, and how many minutes do you have in mind, 59? A friend with a Tesla had to stop halfway to Austin, a 180 mile trip to supercharge because there was no place to charge where he was staying in Austin and the car's range would not get him to the nearest supercharger in San Marcos, about 35 miles away. As soon as you start driving faster than 60 mph (speed limit in the area is mostly 75) the range drops, and running AC or heat causes it to drop lots more. That's not to mention the Model S is something like $80k and the battery loses capacity over time.

When there are a lot of electric cars charging stations will require a lot of space. It takes about 5 minutes to pump gasoline. Assuming a 30 minute charging time 6 times as many parking spots are required. That costs. There will be government fees and taxes to make up for the lost gas tax revenue. If you ask me, it's a bleak future for driving.