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I agree with most of that but the biggie which you state is the battery tech. Why is it a certainty that this will happen? I remember 20 years ago it was fuel cells. All cars by now would be running on them. I don't see any. Why? Because they couldn't figure out how to do the tech.

The other thing is you state it "is" the future. Why? Electric cars are older than gas. The first one was made in 1895 and was competing with steam power to be the dominant power source. Gas powered internal combustion engines cane after electric. But they haven't surpassed gas in anything yet except initial launch which they always had. Current electric cars are just the modern version of dusting off something really old, like the horse, updating it to current standards, and saying look what I invented. Really nothing actually. You just took lithium battery tech the navy developed for quiet running hybrid subs using a nuclear reactor, which were in turn adapted for latop computers, took a couple thousand of those batteries and hooled them up to some electric motors that overheat if pushed. I dont see that being revolutionary.