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Originally Posted by Chappers 71 View Post
Well....your 'guys' 'won' the war of 'independence ' because The Empire had bigger fish to fry elsewhere & the traitors couldn't have done it without the French.

As for WW1 & 2....Great Britain & her Allies had already defeated the Luftwaffa, sunk the pride of the Kriegsmarine, defeated the itailians, had Rommel on the Run in North Africa, broken the enigma & had organised & armed the Resistance movement throughout occupied Europe long before your chaps put in an appearance. Oh & your air force bombed & strafed my Grandad & his armoured division more times than the Luftwaffe when he was touring Italy

Had we not done all that America would have had ICBM's raining down on her until they sheepishly waved the white flag, ungrateful Yanks
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