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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I meant the term loosely but I think you know where I was going with that mate.
Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Why ?
That's pretty simple mate . MAX spun one time behind Perez in the spray and slipstream by the lack of downforce under Perez rear wing .
MAX got 5 DNF . And once he was crashed out by the LeCrash kamikaze torpedo ...
LeCrash was insane ! It was a suicide attack !!!
I would hang him for that !!!

You should watch the race in Turkey again , because HAM the 7ewis spun and did a slalom around a pole off the track ...
If HAM's car was damaged there ....It was already game over for him !
In other words : As usual ,The so said "SIR" was very , VERY lucky there ....
but as far as i know you, if Max d have won Turkish GP you d say Max even won a GP like WRC stage in an F1 car.. but when Lewis wins its luck.. why its like that?

i dont recall Lewis spun mate.. he couldnt slow down and made slalom on 9th corner thats all which is normal during even in a dry race.. aside oil + water..

for me even spinning is normal for such a race like that.. but what Max did in a fast corner in such conditions is just an ego boosted overtake attempt.. and it didnt work.. all in all even Horner's boosting cant break physics of that attempt..
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