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So the IA guy who took my complaint was insinuating I was just wasting my time.

The SGT though, gives me hope. Itís his guy and for him to have the tone he had regarding the issue was really surprising to me.

I spoke to a couple lawyers. They say the complaint is not a good idea but also havenít see the video, they just said generally not a good idea as the cop will dig in.

Basically said best case the reduce everything to doing 10 over and up the fine couple hundred bucks. + 579 atty fee.

Hey someone has to fund the police I guess. I really donít care about the money, I just really want this guy to feel like an asshole in front of the judge.

I guess we will see what happens.

By now I hope his SGT has let him know that I called and complained. I hope he feels like an ass for acting like a thug.