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Originally Posted by fecurtis View Post
I don't blame you.

We've choked in the post season so consistently now it's borderline impressive. We're like the Buffalo Bills of the NHL...but even they've made it to the big game.

I'm still going to watch...we've bounced back from 3-1 deficits before...I'll be shocked if we force a Game 7 to be honest.
Game 7 definitely won't happen. I think the Caps confidence level is right around 0.0 right now. Won't be surprised if Game 5 is a blowout, if fact I think it will be. I'll guess Caps are done game 5, final score 5-2. Pens will be up 4-0 after 2 periods.

I don't know if you frequent or not, but earlier in the season all of the commenters were concerned whether or not the league would let the Caps engrave Brooks Laich's name on the cup, because, you know, it was a LOCK that the caps were going to win it....