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I'll just go ahead and share my rescue story. Ferrasol came to me in March of 2007. She was a neglected 22 yr old Arabian Mare. Her pasture mate had died and was left in the same field as her. Her owner surrendered her over to a veterinary clinic and I took her. This is what she looked like the day we brought her home. Skinny and lame.

After nursing her back to health I gave her to my Grandma as a Christmas present. Now my Grandma (who is 68) and Ferrasol (who is now 25) are just two old ladies that enjoy each others company. Ferrasol is a pasture ornament in our stable. Her age and small frame keeps her from being ridden. Sometimes when we put the horses in different pasture my 6 yr old cousin will get on her bareback for a second but thats the most Ferrasol will be able to endure. She's happy just living out the rest of her days on our ranch. This is her today

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