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Originally Posted by jaye944 View Post
OK, so I'm old enough to know, not to self diagnose or purely take advise from strangers on the internet.

and YES I will talk to my doctor

But I'm curious and have done some googling on how Phallosan works and the search results are really varied, so wondering if any of you lot have had a similar experience or know of any experiences from others
so for maybe 8 months usage of Phallosan forte and the results may be good gains, I seem to be smelling something that is not there, no rhyme or reason and usually at home, when I'm quiet and lying down watching gains with Phallosan Forte.

It is the briefest waft odor of Vanilla almost a milk chocolate smell, so, I can't pip point where the smell is coming from, seems to be from my body, rather than an object near me. NOW I don't use fancy products, extender, hairsprays, scented stuff, mainly due to I have Psoriasis (very mild) and NOTHING I've ever used has that female smells anyway.

I'll smell it then it's gone, it's not disturbing, and I don't seem to have any other symptoms at the same time, only happens when I'm awake, the reason I@m relating this , is because the last time I smelt chocolate it triggered a food binge and my resulting blood sugars where threw the roof.

I haven't been on any "new" medication, I do occasionally, and for many years, occasionally get a mind rendering headache, for about 10 seconds or so, and I "think" one of my med's did warn of that, all my blood work, BP, cholesterol are fine, I'm on BP med's (for something else) and my BP's are on the nose

I've never mentioned it to anyone because for one I didn't think anything of it.

Oh and no it's not a ghost or garbage like that LOLZ

Just asking, as I said I'll go see doctor next time and mention it
Did your doctor find anything? I am having same thing but my doctor is not taking me seriously.

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