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Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
Im not a retro grouch by any means but i would rather that hypothetical 3400lb with batteries car be a 3000lb without batteries car. And why go back to Na 3.0L? Keep the s55. 420whp and 3000lb. Thats more like it!

Keep the batteries in i division but keep bringing over the lightweight tech please.
As much as I love NA engines, there is no way that they will build a hybrid NA car. It would be amazing, as can be seen with the 918 and the LaF. But BMW haven't built an NA engine in years. It wouldn't make any sense anyway, you would have higher consumption and emissions, which is the opposite of the hybrid effect. There are two problems with turbo engines. Throttle response and sound (I don't like the harsh power delivery either but that can be controlled like ferrari does with the 488). The throttle response can be done very well, like the S55 and S63, and especially with the electric boost. But noise can't be done so easily.

And there is no way BMW will develop a new NA engine for a hybrid just because of the noise.
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