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Originally Posted by hooligan_COLD View Post
Originally Posted by NormanConquest View Post
Considering Muller found nothing when he was prosecuting people for tax fraud make it quite clear Trump is in the up and up despite what the media and Democrats say.
Why do you keep going back to illegal actions after I have repeatedly asked about things that are legal?

So, if Trump owed significant money to Chinese banks that are strongly connected to the government, you would see no reason for concern there?
Let's assume he owed money to a Chinese bank controlled entirely by the Chinese government. Not sure you will ever see this on a tax return, but let's assume anyway.

What happens next? An investigation because the accusation / assumption / concern is the President is trying to trade dropping tariffs or providing secrets for forgiving his loan or something? If that's the end game, then just assume there is such a loan and start investigating.
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