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Thanks. I contacted the Audi dealer that did the service and they swear they don't top off the coolant tank with coolant, only distilled water unless they are doing a flush or actual maintenance on the cooling system. I will wait until she gets to their final destination and drain it out. She will hopefully avoid the habit of spraying the windshield along the rest of their trip.
Did they wash the car for you? I noticed sometimes when I went through a touchless (no brushes) wash the wax they apply on the car would cause my wipers to streak. The only fix was to use Windex and clean the windshield and wipers then the streaking stopped.
They did wash it (generally I decline the swirl wash from the dealer but with my move I hadn't had time to do shit the last 2 months). However, the oily substance definitely was coming out of washer jets. I'll drain the system when I meet up with them in a few weeks and move on with life.