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Greasy washer fluid, dealership f'd up

So here's my situation. My wife's ‘17 S6 was serviced to fix the GPS (again and again isn't fixed) prior to her and my son driving nearly across the country. I got a call from them telling me our wipers are streaking after trying to clean the windshield one day into their trip. I happen to be meeting them this weekend at a relatives house along their trip.

Clearly there is something oily in the washer reservoir. I called the dealership where it was serviced and they admit to topping off the fluids, plus before they left I checked everything and noticed the cap was off (didn't think much of it at the time). I am fairly certain the tech put coolant in there by mistake. It's the only thing that makes sense.

Since it's Saturday, the dealership couldn't do much to help (and likely can't/won't since we are now 400 miles away and never going back. I've googled searched some "fixes", but wanted the Bimmerpost community to chime in on any thoughts to remedy this ASAP before they continue on their journey. I am only here with them until tomorrow and they leave for their next leg of the trip Wednesday.

And this is just one reason I can't stand taking my car in for any repairs and still haven't had my airbag replaced in my M3. I try to DIY as much as I can.

Thanks for any help.