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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Why I'd want a 105mm prime in my bag when I've got a great 70-200mm zoom is hard for me to imagine. I carry all of my lenses almost all of the time (including a 500mm) so an extra piece that I'll hardly use seems crazy.
Weight, physical size, sometimes price. Can you imagine carrying around a 70-200mm f/2.8L II with you all around the city instead of a 135mm f/2L? Sure, you lose the some flexibility in reach, but the weight savings alone on a day-long walking trip is invaluable. You can also take the 50mm or 85mm, etc instead.

That being said, the 70-200mm has it's own distinct advantages, but there are many reasonable explanations of why people would choose to bring a prime or two instead of that beast.

A prime cannot replace a zoom if all you're concerned with is your reach versatility, but you can also argue that a zoom sometimes (or many times depending on your style) cannot replace a prime.