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Originally Posted by Tyga11 View Post
I'm going to buy a gaming laptop and decided on AlienWare.

I know it's not the best but I've always wanted one so that's the brand.

Anyone have a newer one and can they pretty much handle any games I want to play? I'm looking at the X17 with the 3070 card.

Is this a good option? I'm looking to spend $2,500 at the most
Can't speak for the Alienware other than it's owned by Dell and therefor comes with Dell price tags, but regarding the 17" screen I would just think about if you need that screen size. I used to always look at 17" because I always wanted a big screen, but the laptop itself will be bigger and heavier. A lot of folks say they don't care if it's big because it's just going to sit on a desk, but if that's the case then just build a desktop PC, but when it comes to portability the 17 always became a burden for me. I'm now on a 14" and love it. It's small, light, and easily fits on a pad and in my lap. Now I have no issues if I'm playing games with in on my lap, where as before I hated my 17" on my lap because it was heavy and hot.

Originally Posted by Frostynorth View Post
Picked up an Asus TUF A15 a few months back, although not as powerful as above, runs great. It's just really noisy, but that's the nature of this type of laptop.
I got the ROG G14 back in July. Ryzen 9, RTX3060, 16GB. So far no issues handling anything I throw at it on full settings. But I agree the fans get noisy but as you stated, thinner laptops are going to have noisy fans.