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After a couple years in court, the state and the owner of this farm finally came to terms about the new road the state decided to put in. It was supposed to go straight, right through the silos and the guy's farmhouse, but he fought them and now it's going to bend around and pass beside his house. I'm sure he isn't happy about that either as this road is mainly to accommodate trucks coming off the interstate and heading to the industrial area on the north side of town. They'll be rumbling by his windows at all hours now. I have pretty strong feelings about eminent domain seizures, and in this case I think the state could have planned the route a little better and avoided lots of homes. But they decided to use a small existing road and just upgrade it rather than building one from scratch.

On a personal note, I'm almost ashamed to say that since I dropped the Katzeye in my T1i, I haven't touched my 7D. I just arranged to swap my Canon 35mm F2 for a Roki 35mm F1.4, so that will give me 3 Roki MF lenses. This was shot with the Roki 85mm F1.4.


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