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Originally Posted by Peterglen View Post
So... took a nice drive today. Perfect day. From DC to NYC for a few hours to help my brother pack his stuff and move out of his apartment.

Driving home, about 20 minutes into NJ. In traffic basically, doing about 80 In the right lane.

I cruise past an 18wheeler to the left of me in the middle lane, and immediately see a state trooper in the left lane about 250ft ahead. There is an 18 wheeler about 100 feet in front of me so I change lanes into the middle lane. Maintaing my speed as all traffic is moving in the 75-80mph.

The cop Begins to slow down. I do as well but not abruptly I stay around 75 which all of traffic has basically slowed to.

Once I'm next to him he hits his brake and get right behind me. Almost tailgating me, and lights me up about 20 seconds later.

I pull over and he asks for my docs, and asks if I know why I'm being stopped.

I said no sir.

He says... you were speeding and you illegally passed a truck from the right. That's illegal...

I reply " I'm not understanding sir" I most certainly was traveling a bit above the limit but I'm traveling with traffic, and I was traveling in the right lane, are you saying it's illegal to change lanes if you're in the right lane? Also what was my speed exactly last I saw on the speedo I was doing about 75.

He says... I paced you, you were speeding. You were gaining on me. Looked like 85-95

I said, sir, you were several hundred feet ahead of me. I saw you when I changed lanes, and that's when I checked my Speedo, which was about 75, and you began deceleration to get behind me. I just don't understand

He says I'm not going to argue with you give me your shit right now.

I hand him my stuff.

Literally 39 minutes later... I timed it

He comes back with a reckless driving ticket, Improper lane change, and speeding.

Only the speeding ticket lists a court date. None of them have the mandatory box checked, and the speeding ticket has no speed level Checked, it just says paced, no speed indication at all

On top of that when he returns to explain this to me I literally am mind boggled and say, Sir I have a question ( was trying to ask about the lane change issue and why it would be a separate reckless driving ticket because it makes no sense, and the guy actually says...

I don't have time for your questions. Drops my Docs on the passenger seat and literally frisbees the tickets right at me. One of which hits me straight in the chin.

He gets in his car and I shit you not Burns rubber as he pulls away.

I've never experienced anything like it, but this guy was unhinged. I think I will need to hire a lawyer and obtain his dash cam footage here. This guy was what everyone fears in a cop encounter. I'm generally a huge LE supporter, but what can you really do when you come across a crazy guy like this...

Well I'm still worked up about it now a few hours later and can't sleep... any lawyers in the house??? What should I do, because I feel like I need to make sure it's on record that this guy is, or was in this instance not being a police officer but a thug with a badge.
That is horrible! I also live in NJ and have been stopped plenty of times, a lot of it has to do with owning a luxury sports car which they automatically don't like. Although I don't drive a BMW (2017 Lexus IS350 F-Sport) it is in ultrasonic blue which is a bright flashy color on top of having tints as well as no front plate (ruins the grille imo). I haven't had an experience this bad, but that was downright wrong! I have been pulled over for my license plate frame that says "F-Sport" in the middle covering garden state and he said it's unclear plates!! The fuck is that lmao. My best friend also drives an IS, and has pretty much the same mods as I do but it's in atomic silver which is that silver color with a goldfish pearlescent and she got pulled over actually doing 85 on the highway and got let off since she's in the national guard and gave her military id, it never fails! Either way there's no stopping getting pulled over for stupid reasons, they're just all kinds of fucked up here lol.
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