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Originally Posted by PNF View Post
In general, I dont get or recommend used high-end lens...... MAYBE I'd get cheap ones like maybe 50mm f1.4 (or anything thats under $400-500 bucks brand new)..

I'm sure most of the used ones should be fine.. but there could be things that you cannot see buying a used lens. (I'm not talking about scratches, or anything), but for IS version lens, you never know if there is something wrong with the IS or autofocus or anything for that matter..

but an FYI, sometimes stores on ebay sell the f2.8 IS for around $1450 - $1490free shipping.. and together with 8% cashback.. you're looking at just over $1300 for a BRAND new f2.8 IS!!
I agree. Get the expensive L lenses new since the used prices are only about 5% cheaper.

Also keep in mind that there is a percent limit for the bing double cash back. I don't remember what it is, too lazy to search.