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if all thats accurate then you should be losing. if the scale isn't showing a difference you may be trading muscle for fat right now. the only advice i'd give on diet would be to stop the snacking. snacking keeps insulin being released. insulin is a biological signal to store energy. also, weight loss typically isn't fast so being two weeks in isn't very long. a calorie deficit of 500/d will typically only result in 1lb per week. be patient, there hopefully comes a time when your metabolism will shift and the fast burning will be more efficient - if your body isn't used to burning fat it takes a little while for it to get going. eating is deceiving you might be getting more calories than you think - nuts for instance, one serving size of almonds is almost 200 calories...

one other rec: focus more on building muscle and less on the treadmill. if you must do a lot of cardio then do HIIT

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