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Originally Posted by SleepingBMW View Post
THey are named 'mini' in the era of big crossovers is the problem.

Also, they make a crossover but design makes it look small.

Good brand imo, they need to power through the next 5-10 years of crossovers and wait for small cars to become popular again.
Being in a SUV phase is contributes but the biggest factor IMO is that there is no value with a MINI - all it really has is its looks and classic go-kart feel which is not for everybody.

Comparing a Golf GTI to a comparable MINI Cooper S, the Cooper S is about $2,000 cheaper but it's down on power and torque (228HP/258TQ vs. 189HP/207TQ). Aside from paper stats, the GTI is just a better car in terms of performance and drivability without the harsh ride of the MINI. So if you don't like the design and you could care less about the go-kart feel, there is no reason for you to take a MINI over a Golf.

While the MINI still has limited commercial and historic appeal, the MINI biggest contribution is that it gives BMW some R&D to apply to the BMW lineup.