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I’ve always lived on the east coast. Learned to drive in Boston where people are notoriously aggressive, but it is more like a fun thing. You don’t get too much passive-aggressive stuff. If you get there first, the other guy flips off and laughs.

I was in northern Virginia for 25 years and then moved to Iowa. NoVa is very mannerly, and usually you have so much traffic that stunt maneuvers aren’t even possible.

In Iowa, everyone is aggressive. They are just very angry drivers. For reals-not fun and games like in Boston.

I lived in Des Moines, so it was a city but very little badly congested traffic anywhere. Most people were reasonable and courteous drivers. Most people in Iowa are reasonable and courteous in general (in the city).

Funniest thing ever tho is all the idiots in pickup trucks who think they can go 80 in a blizzard on the highway. We had a big storm and a weather channel reporter was at the intersection is I35 and I80, and you could tell he was nervous and could NOT believe how fast people were going in a raging blizzard.

The funny thing is that, in Iowa, during a storm event, if your car skids off the road, you are NOT allowed to get it towed out until the authorities say so. Often a couple days. With huge plow drifts.

After a storm I would see HUNDREDS of cars, mostly pickups, wayyy off the roads, I mean FAR away in a giant snow bank the was slowly freezing into a glacier. Imagine - being without your beloved truck for days and days.

Also, no inspection in Iowa, so lots of bald tires.

Never had a problem with my trusty odyssey, that didn’t have 4-wheel drive. Those cars stuck in huge snow banks (from the plowing) made me laugh and laugh with every storm.