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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
I'm thinking it's because of where you are and just stupid drivers. As you said, it's GM country, it's buy American country. Your BMW sticks out like a sore thumb, but so would any other German badge. It happens to me all the time but it's due to stupid drivers and not what I drive. Do you still have FL plates?

Just take a deep breath and enjoy those two lane highways.

On a side note - what were you thinking going from FL to MN? BRRRRRRRRR.
Yeah I still have a single Florida plate on my rear end and dark tint. Car isn't riced out or anything though. Just blacked out chrome and black grille. The wheels are even stock color style 285s. Nothing special just a clean black car.

Yeah... What WAS I thinking coming here? Lmao

Like I'm sorry you're doing 52 in a 60 sir but I'd like to at least be going the speed limit. I think a big problem is this highway changed from 55 to 60 speed limit like 5 or so years ago I guess. All the old timers around here haven't adjusted I guess and likely never will.