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Were going through the same thing here in Ontario. The liberals ran up horrendous debt, the largest debt of any sub-sovereign nation on the planet. Over $1 Billion per month in interest payments to service the debt. We elected a conservative government with a big majority with the mandate to balance the budget and cut waste.

So 1 year later the cuts are coming, every agency and branch of government is being asked to find efficiency and cut. Oh and the unthinkable ask is 4%, you'd think the world had stopped spinning by the belly aching coming from the media, the left and the unions. Children will die, seniors will be out on the street in their wheel chairs and there's going to be pestilence.....folks, left or right there is only one tax payer and only so much money. If you can't buy groceries you don't take the kids to Disney dammit.

Honest to christ if I hear one more time about "free" education, "free" healthcare or 'free fuckin' anything" I'm going to lose my shit. It's not FREE. We all pay for it with higher taxes and less services.