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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
So how would white collar criminals ever be caught? According to you, they would never be investigated in the first place. If there might be a crime, you investigate. Very simple.

Hmmmm. When Trump decided to run for prez, maybe he didn't think this all the way through. C'mon, is there a good reason for him to not release his returns? A real, legitimate reason?
How do you dream this stuff up?? How do you convulate these thoughts that make it to this forum? Criminals of all types are caught by investigation-period. In this case Trump (not even a criminal) was investigated 1000 ways til Monday and the investigation came up empty. But now the lunatics want to investigate him 1,000,000 otherways to Monday. And to top it off even you will see (but not admit) the source of the investigation itself was fradaulant. Can you not use logical reasoning and common sense???

If you or anyone in the U.S./ was investigates as thorougly as Trump..the U.S. would be one prison and everyone would be in it. Liberalism is indeed a mental disease. Rush hadit right decades ago.

One good thing I see is that folks on this board are educated and own BMW's and the overwhelming majority are not loony leftists. That bodes well for the next election.

And I love that Booker and the Dems are going to bring up reparations.....that's goona' work out well for them.