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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Then feel free to shut the F up about the documentation I provided.

You stated that you would believe what was published unless someone provided contrary evidence. I provided contrary evidence and you then proceeded to say that it wasn't covering a period of nearly a decade, which no financial statements do. So because I didn't provide you with evidence that goes against basic accounting principles (in other words, false evidence), you complain?

Gotcha. You keep believing the world is flat, irrespective of evidence suggesting otherwise. Rational people with common sense will hang out over here.


The article is about trumps business losses over a specific time period (1985-1994). I may be totally missing something, but how does a 10-K that only covers three properties, a decade after the relevant period, shine any light on whether the reporter was correct when she says the majority of losses from 1985-1994 came from bad business practices?

Also, why are you so angry about everything brother...