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I believe the burden if teaching children to be critical thinkers should rely more on the parents than the teachers.

I mean nobody cares for your kids more than you as a parent do. So why pawn off your kids to an overworked and underpaid public school teacher?

Think about this previous poster.

You are outvoted by a quiet majority.

You post that this thread is bs. But 1000 average views a day says nothing in return. They say nothing because they dont want for you to spit hate in their ears. They just vote. You are in the minority.

Alex jones has on occasion gone full retard. This us true. Its also why he is still on the air. If he went from 75% serious to 100% serious his show would not exist today.

This guy was talking about jeffery epstien for many many years. Did you forget about that guy already? You call his stuff bs.

Yet it was true.

Aj said jeffery was going to be killed. You guys still called bs. Yet it happened.

You are outvoted guy. Im the only one dumb enough to reply though. But know this...

Thousand quiet views to your one post against every week or two.

Says a lot. You are outnumbered. You may just be wrong.

Im going to stop posting political shit soon btw. Theres nothing here for me anyways.

Cmon one million views!!! Lol