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bear in mind that you're basing this off of internet photos. rest assured that during the appraisal process (for the PVD watch) a neutral, authorized Rolex dealer and one of their gemmologists commented that the craftsmanship of the diamond work and the PVD was among the best they had seen ever. however, the quality of diamonds used in colouring (or naturally coloured diamonds) is usually I grade or thereabouts. You wouldn't use VS or higher grade diamonds in something like this. those are reserved for engagement rings and the like.

with regard to the president, we didn't commission the work on that one, it was bought as is since it was available rather than buying a president and then sending it out for the work. It might have come back better but it would ave been much more expensive.

this kind of work is very very common on Breitlings. It's just that the guys who have it done are not the type to troll forums. I would be somewhat of an anomaly.

here is an Avenger with some diamond work:

also note that my interest here is simply talking about watches and sharing actual photos since i'm a big watch enthusiast. i have no interest in arguing on the internet about it.
Fair enough, if you like them that's all that matters . I'm a relatively big watch enthusiast myself. Might as well share mine if I'm going to comment on others! The Citizen has the most value to me, been through a lot with that guy. The Omega is my daily, I wear it probably 28 days a month!
What kind of datejust is that?