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I've been a manual driver for all my life, f8x first car where I went dct and I love the dct, not sure if I'll go back to manual or not.
Barring something drastic, this will be the last manual Lotus ever produced. Also, the V6 is supposedly near the end of its life due to European emissions regulations, and will reportedly only be available for the first few years (the turbocharged I4 will carry on for a few years after that). There should be plenty of turbocharged I4/DCT cars out there for the next 5-10 years, including the Emira, and I think once the V6 Emira is gone a lot of I4 buyers will regret not opting for it when they had the chance.
With the emissions stuff regarding ecu tune detection in California (where I live), I'll probably go with the v6 manual.