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Originally Posted by JohnnyCanuck View Post
On statues I disagree. The statues at issue are current reminders to whole ethnic groups that they were treated as second class citizens in their own country. It isn't about re-writing history, nor is about not understanding the individual in the context of the times. A statue represents a current glorification of the individual and aspects of their beliefs that are abhorrent to us today. A black person seeing a statue of Jefferson Davis has a modern day reaction. Is it appropriate that we glorify through visible and public reminders to that black person their historical status? That is an entirely different context and that's the proper framework for discussion.
Really, Sir John A. MacDonald the first Prime Minister of Canada a founding father so to speak. If that's the benchmark, then how about Mount Rushmore, lets chisel off those four hooligans. Hell, a few of them were slave owners, better take Washington off the one dollar note then. My point is, many of these folks did great things, and what we have now would be very different if it weren't for them, so lets take a deep breath and realize that if we look at things through the lens of the time period and with some common sense we can understand that what they did might have been appropriate or the norm for the time. Or lets tear it all down and erect a statue of Justin Trudeau the great progressive.