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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
Though in reality these are two different versions of N63 (the G07 ordering guide has a typo) with a huge gap in performance.

I wonder if they just made too many N63Ms and needed to find a way to get rid of them...
I noticed that typo too (typical from BMW USA, sadly), and had similar thoughts about the N63M3 engines. I would not be at all surprised to see the 50i models discontinued by the LCI or sooner.

And no, X6 won't be in the same situation. Its full intro lineup is xDrive30d (non-US), xDrive30i (non-US), xDrive40d (non-US), sDrive40i, xDrive40i, M50d (non-US), and M50i.
That 30i model caught me off guard. I didn't realize BMW had four cylinder (non-hybrid) gasoline SUVs above the X4. Perhaps this was the case for the previous generation as well, and I just wasn't aware.

I guess that means there is an X5 30i available or on the way too, yeah (non-US)?