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I almost never agree with Minn19. But in this case he is 100% correct. I am 73 and have been a history buff all my life.

Putin is in the mold of Stalin. He would kill 20 million like stalin if he could but he can't. He can't bully any other countries much except for his-shit-for brains little "games" with planes and boats. He knows his limits. But if he miscalculates he is sol.. You have a second rate Air Force and basically no navy. Putin knows that.

Gorbie was your salvation but the old guard in stalin re revived.

You should read up on stalin ("Stalin" by R. Conquest) and also "Freedom from Fear" by David Kennedy . Also you might want to read "Barbarosa" by A. Clarke
shows the heroism of the russians and the appalling loss of life of brave Russian People and Soldiers..partly bc of Stalin's ineptness and him killing off good generals earlier in a massive fck-up. Stalin said at the time, "Lenin set it up for us and "We" have fucked it all up.

So just believe what you want.. I suspect putin is probably popular bc he talks about making Russia powerful again. I suppose If I lived there I would probably support him, live a hard life and at least survive.