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I've been saying this all along. The fundamentals of the stock do not make sense. There isn't enough need for ev. It's not like the introduction of the smart phone. It doesnt do anything better than ICE cars except save gas.
Tesla stock prices and the company are dependent on solving these issues
1. The 3 selling all the preorders and continuing to sell just as hot. I don't see it.
2. The 3 cars being delivered on time.
3. The 3 cars having no real issues
4. Research coming up with some new marketable profitable tech
5. Going into a $2 gallon a gas when it was conceived for a $4 gallon market
6. No more subsidies
7. New competition
Etc etc.

If everything isn't executed flawlessly, aand d musk can't convince a huge segment of the population to switch in an age where climate change is being debuked and downplayed, gas prices are falling, and the government isn't supporting them, it will have real trouble I see it being sold off for a small percentage of it's current value to another automaker within a few years or failing like Delorean, Tucker, and so many others soon after.