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New Member: 2003 525i 5MT

Hello all, new member here. Recently purchased a very well kept low mileage 525i for essentially $575.67 (paid $1,208.26 after doc fee, tax etc.)

The paint is immaculate with only two minor scuffs that need minor touch up and very light paint swirls from the previous owner taking it through the car wash.

Car had 71,711 miles when I originally purchased two weeks ago. Believe I'm around 72,800 miles as of today.

Here's what the original MSRP Pricing tells me:

- 2003 BMW 525i - $37,600:
- Slate Green Metallic (449) - N/C
- Gray Leather (N6TT) - N/C

- Premium Package (ZPP) - $2,200:
- Universal garage-door opener (319)
- Rain sensor and auto headlight (521)
- on-board computer (555)
- Varina Redwood Trim (773)

- Sport Package (ZSP) - $2,000
- 17" alloy wheels (360)
- Sport seats (481)
- M Sport Suspension (704)
- M Steering Wheel (710)

The rest of the the list is all the standard features and equipment which brings the base MSRP to $41,800 back in 2003.

Only known problems as of now are:

-Intermittent blower motor, A/C and heat, most likely the FSU, been digging around in forums.

- Passenger Door acting as if it is stuck in double-lock. Pull the handle from thr inside and the lock pops up but goes right back down. Think this might be the Lock Actuator going bad.

I would appreciate it if anyone could send me some links or maybe even some input as to getting the door open. I read a thread once on the M5 Board of a gentleman prying off the air bag cover and popping the lock but it wasn't entirely clear to me on what to do after that.

Here are some photos one of my buddies captured for me.

- Thanks!
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