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Originally Posted by DrFerry View Post
A leading British minority member of Parliament confronts some uncomfortable truths about racial stereotypes, as he asks if British attempts to improve equality have led to serious unwanted negative consequences. The failure of multi culturalism in Britain is born out of the ingrained reluctance of some ethic groups to fully integrate into British society. Opting instead for ethnic segregation. With that failure in mind we, as a civilized society, very much need to discuss and debate racial issues, stereotypes, cultures and behaviors without fear of reprisal or risk of being labelled a racist by entities that are threatened by our right to question the official narrative. If you have the time, watch the video below, and keep in mind our second amendment protects free speech. It means in the USA we enjoy free speech rather than controlled speech. Strive to be Biblically correct, rather than Politically correct.

"British minority member of Parliament" This is the problem right here. We first need to drop the concept of "minority"...
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