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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
Well this six! On a roadtrip with the wifey for a few days and the hotel we're at doesn't even have a workout room. Well I ended up just doing simple workouts in the room instead
Pushups both hitting chest and tris. Couldn't find anything to hit biceps. Thought I could curl the sitting chair but I looked stupid watching myself in the dressing mirror lol! I was able to do some tricep dips using the desk as I was able to get the end table to put my feet on. Than realized after working out for an hour I don't have a protein shake to drink and I can't buy food until the wifey gets back with the rental
This visual I have in my head of this is hilarious lmao. Do some yoga, seriously that shit is tough. I'm usually sweating pretty good after it. Don't need equipment, just holding different positions. Usually feels pretty good afterwards!
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