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Originally Posted by TheBingoBalls View Post
The W205 has to be one of the most disappointing Mercedes releases I have experienced.

I remember when they had the concept/production model at the auto show, it was on a spinning platform and you couldn't sit in it and this was before any press drives were available. I thought to myself, if this was the final design and if Mercedes actually put effort into making this a bit more fun to drive, it could completely dethrone the 3 Series. In reality it was complete disappointment. Quality was terrible, the drive wasn't as luxurious as you would expect a Mercedes to feel like even in this class but also didn't feel sporty like a 3 Series. Infotainment was absolute rubbish. Overall, it was pleasing to the eye but the experience was terrible.

Everyone can complain about BMW's being too conservative with their interiors but their quality is never an issue. I still can't believe that something as expensive as a GLE/GLS has that dummy vent on the dash.
My brother's W205 lease has constantly been at the dealer. Windows stop working, spoiler peeling off, buttons stop working, etc. Lazy transmission and I never got used to the high belt-lines of these cars either, making it difficult to see out of.

He got it bc they were giving them away. BMW or Audi had anywhere near the lease specials of this C300.
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