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Originally Posted by Kelse92 View Post
I personally attended the unveiling event here in Dallas.
Car is beautiful in person, clean lines, and design absolutely perfect for what they want it to be, a GT car. I've done a couple of cross-country rallies and this is the type of car that would be prefect for one. Plenty of storage the power of a 720 and comfortable.

The color and wheel choice on this launch spec is unfortunately terrible. The Rose Gold looked pretty with the sunset from the lake reflecting on it on Wednesday at the event, but overall kind of boring. I would love to see it in a grey or blue color personally with some different wheels. Once people start taking delivery of them I think opinions will change.
I agree with you 100%!!!

I think it's gorgeous! Who whines about wheels of all things???

Shit I have NEVER rolled on stock wheels and never wheel!

Lines are sexy and I even dig the color. Although I would want in White or that great shade of orange they use.