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Originally Posted by omasou View Post
I have previously owned a MB and glad that nightmare is behind me. I would say that your assessment is mostly correct w/these additions.

BMW - maintenance, modifying and customizing. The latter two have increased with the younger crowd thinking they can bolt-on and "tune" increases in performance b/c somehow BMW engineers don't know what they are doing, when in reality they are removing the built-in "reliability" and safety margins, but for them it isn't much of a concern b/c they do not have any brand loyalty and are chasing numbers and bragging rights.

In the past you would read of posts where a BMW owner was working in their driveway in the rain changing their brakes in preparation for an upcoming chapter driving event.

Am I generalizing about the younger crowd? Absolutely. Take a look at the classifieds if you don't believe me.
In the past? What, like April of 2016 when you joined this forum? Yeah, those were the good ole days...