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Originally Posted by omasou View Post
I have previously owned a MB and glad that nightmare is behind me. I would say that your assessment is mostly correct w/these additions.

BMW - maintenance, modifying and customizing. The latter two have increased with the younger crowd thinking they can bolt-on and "tune" increases in performance b/c somehow BMW engineers don't know what they are doing, when in reality they are removing the built-in "reliability" and safety margins, but for them it isn't much of a concern b/c they do not have any brand loyalty and are chasing numbers and bragging rights.

In the past you would read of posts where a BMW owner was working in their driveway in the rain changing their brakes in preparation for an upcoming chapter driving event.
I'm in the middle of all that. I don't think it's healthy for the community as a whole to gatekeep BMW owners for not being the kind of owner that you like. And being open to that also allows an opportunity to get them involved in the parts of ownership that you do like. Tell the kid with totally stock suspension but 400hp of bolt ons to grab some fluid and pads and show up to a track day. Maybe you'll change his mind.

I know I joined this forum for one thing only : technical information about my latest project car. I have no brand loyalty, because BMW hasn't given me a reason to be. No brand has. The 135i was just a means to a good handling coupe that could get me back on the drag strip and have fun on the road course.
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