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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
Since I own a few different brands, I peruse and post on a number different automotive discussion groups.

What I've noticed is:

- This BMW site is mostly about modifying and customizing your ride.
- A Mercedes site is about how much things cost and where can you get it.
- A Jeep site is all about where to go to push the off road limits of your vehicle and how much problems and defects you're having.

Is this a correct assessment? Which other automotive sites do you hang out on?
Man this is why I really liked getting a BMW more than a Merc, even pushed me to go 335is rather than C63 AMG. The modding community and modding parts is much more there on BMW than Merc. And just the damn forum popularity. The Merc forum I found were DEAD. I would only get like 1 or 2 replies to my questions on the C63. On the other hand though BMW there is so muuuuuuch information and you can get the dealer software for free easily (ISTA-D) and do everything almost at home.