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This really isn't little; it's at the core of why I bought this car.

Yesterday afternoon coming back from Target during rush hour, I was on a six-lane N-S artery, speed limit 45, and that local rarity, smoothly paved. It was dry and sunny. Traffic past the local Walmart was heavy, so everyone was at 35. Just past the WM, though, I found myself in the right lane behind an MB GLK that -- with no one ahead, mind you -- was still pootling along at 35. A large white truck came up on my left, but then swung off to a branch road.

Left lane: clear. Ahead of GLK: clear.

So I clicked the turn signal, dived into the left lane, and . . . well, I didn't floor it, but I put my right foot down. In an eyeblink, it seemed, I was doing 55. The BMW swooped past the MB like a falcon in flight. A quick flick of the turn signal "right," leave plenty of space ahead of the MB, and zip, I was doing 45 and watching the soccer mom's MB dwindle in my mirror. All in perfect safety, too.

The delight lasted until I had to fit myself in line for a right turn at the major intersection's light a quarter mile ahead. Ah, who am I kidding? It lasted all evening. That surge of power when I wanted it, no fiddling or downshifting, just "Warp speed, Mr. Data!" --

-- that's why we love these cars, isn't it?