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In no particular order, and really most of these features I had no idea about before buying the car. I bought the car because I fell in love with its driving dynamics. These features are just a bonus and for a 2007 are truly ahead of their time. Most Japanese cars have few of these features:

Rain sensing wipers, residual heater, self leveling/adjusting headlights, xenon headlights, cbm oil, oil level, maint reminder, brake indicator, hooks in trunk, tools in trunk, rear vents, rear cup holders, folding mirrors, dimming mirror, fob window open/close, flash light, 2 subwoofers under seat, telescoping steering, two power outlets, tilt headrest, 3 blink indicator, fuel economy, Ecu check, 4wd opt, ski pass through with belt, tire pressure monitoring using tire rotation not transponders.