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I have driven many BMWs over the years, but my e92M is the first M car I've both driven and owned. What I like is the BMW-ness of the car, which to me distills down to the following:
--The fact that the car is available in a stripped down trim---competition package, but cloth seats, manual, no i-drive. That's a major element that sold me on my particular car.
--Motorsports specific engine. It may not have the grunt of a LS/T-series SBC, Hellcat motor, or VooDoo engine, but there's something just special about the S65 that no longer exists in the world of non-exotic cars. It's the first car I've owned where the sound of the engine is more exciting to me than the exhaust note
--The chassis. Best stock setup I've ever experienced. The front end bite is excellent and I'm also impressed with how tail happy the car is given how high up and low the torque is. In addition, the ride/handling balance is superb. That to me is the THE signature of a performance BMW. It behaves exactly how you would expect a higher end performance car should. It's just easy and it works. There's no excuses to make.
--I like the driving position. It's not low like the F8x, but it also gives me a greater sense of where the corners of the car are at. I know some people disagree completely, but the driving position makes me more confident in driving it quickly

I'd like to sell my car for a C7 vette, but to be honest, I don't have a great desire to make such a move.