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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
One of the great advantages of the phev (such as the 330e or 530e). In the even hotter Arizona desert, I use the phone app to remotely turn on the AC. Works great. For example, walking of the 17th green on a 110 degree day, I turn on the AC. By the time I get to the car, it is cool and comfortable.
Speaking of this, has anybody used the comfort ventilation feature? I know it doesn't turn on the A/C, and it uses battery power, so you'd better drive the car for a while after using it. But it sounds useful. If I can set the timer to start at 4 pm, and come out at 4:30, open the windows, and get into a less-hot car, that'd be great.

I know it runs for 30 minutes -- or can you set an "off" time too? If not, can you interrupt it if you happen to come back early to the car?