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My '15 328i is my first BMW too. I've appreciated all sorts of things in my cars, but the big thing on this one is the power -- power that's available when you need it, not because you slammed your foot all the way to the floor or downshifted to get enough RPM to go up a steep bridge. The 240 HP in this car is the most I've had in a vehicle, and it's astonishing.

I also appreciate that the Continental 17" run-flat tires are not as hard and stiff-riding as I'd thought they'd be. On my test drive, I kept expecting to be jarred or to hear a lot of road noise; and I didn't. That was on smooth suburban roads. On the shell-blasted "roads" (more like "cart tracks") I deal with in my neighborhood and around my work, they are still reasonably quiet, and the car doesn't rattle my teeth. Amazing.

I don't care for the orange lighting at night, but the fact that the odometer, outside temp, clock, etc., change to white with morning light is a pleasant surprise.

It's early days yet, only three weeks since I bought the car, and no doubt I will have other comments as the months go on. But every day I understand more and more why the cars have such an enthusiastic following.

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