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Originally Posted by rolltidef32 View Post
Well, your point is still a good one vs market. The sports car market is tiny compared to 20 years ago also.

I guess people were expecting the new Supra to me more of a Skyline GTR. Even Nissan admits that Godzilla is a hard car to keep developing for the small number sold globally.

I'm not sure what else the Supra could have been. A more Toyota/Lexus interior? A more Lexus feel to the ride? Even though they've proven that outside of the LFA have struggled to design a sporty suspension. The turbo has finally been embraced, and then there is the issue of engine design.

Developing an engine costs billions. In the case of a bespoke engine for a Supra, those billions couldn't be recovered since it wouldn't go into other vehicles across the family lines. To their defense, Toyota is working on electric motors and battery tech in R&D, so an engine for a sports car was likely far from their minds, thus this mashup.

I don't know, does seem weird that Toyota hardly touched the car under the hood. Guess they know that their fans really want a BMW.
Come on Toyota is the wealthiest car maker in the world and any I6 if they build one would have trickled down to there other cars. Lexus F cars would be the obvious answer.

What the mkv should have been you ask. 08 ISF, diet RCF or LC. Or the 2014 IS rwd with a proper engine.

Hell id rather they bring back the Supra as a full blow EV sports car with awesome performance then this turd.

Originally Posted by MarkDemma View Post
Something I didn't know until I read an article about the Mk4 Supra is that the US sales were abysmal. Chevy sold more Vettes in a year than the entire run of the Mk4, even though the Supra was a much more advanced car. It's no surprise they discontinued the it and didn't bother to do a new version, with sales numbers that low.

Had it not been for "That Movie(s)" the Supra would have probably been relegated to the dust bin of history, save for the precious few who owned / raced one of them. Now, it seems, just like there are more people who have claimed to been at Woodstock than ever went, seems that there are way more Supra "purists" than ever actually owned one. People have their torches and pitchforks out without ever actually driven the thing ... heck we haven't really gotten full reviews of it yet. But some people have made up their minds on the principle of the thing.

Seems that they must have appealed to people outside of the armchair purists, from what I've seen reported the first year's allotment is almost sold out already.

I'm not saying there are things I personally would want to see different about this car before I'd want to buy one. I do rather like the B58 and appreciate a RWD car with 50/50 weight distribution. But I'd rather less fake vents, manual, back seat and a usable trunk - but hey there's a car for that - a M240i and I already have one!

Let's say they built the car that the armchair purists wanted - it would have cost a whole lot more and basically would have been in the same segment as their Lexus LC, of which they sold like 12? It would be yet another car that folks appreciated existed, but hardly anyone actually bought. I was shocked to see how few of the new NXSeses have actually sold, even though as a former Acura guy I appreciate that they "did it right".

At the end of the day, we've got a new RWD sports coupe out there, that seems like it will sell well. Hopefully it will encourage car makers to keep making cars like that ... and they might get rid of some of the fake vents and add a manual in subsequent years.

Oh here's the article I mentioned, found it interesting.
Sales would have been fine but the Japanese economy took a dump Yen went up screwing exports. MKIV was to be 25/30k car but went u to around 40. that extra 15k was a colossal difference in early 90s to pay for a sports car.

It sold 45k in Japan alone. Exchange rate screwed sales every where else.

Supra is a legend cause it smashed everything the movie had shit all to do with it. Plus FF is the GTrs franchise not the Supras.

I like the NSX as you do, i just don't get who the hell its aimed at given the performance and price. Plus i wish it looked more like the predecessor and not so bland.