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Originally Posted by Jockey View Post
No, they don't.

The Taliban, ISIL, insurgents, etc have all shot at me with better stuff than what we can buy as civilians and none of that was able to stop my JDAM.

How much territory does ISIL have? Does the Taliban control Kabul? Or Kandahar?

And this is where the fantasy comes to a screeching halt. No government has successfully been able to subjugate it's population without the support of the military.

If, it ever came down to the US civilian population trying to overthrow our government, the Constitution has already failed fantastically and whatever comes out at the other end will look nothing like what our founders envisioned.
I think this misses the point. No one would quibble that the U.S. military is better armed, or could bomb civilians. The point is the deterrent effect that an armed population has on the government. You can beat a local insurgency. You can take a neighborhood. But can you occupy the country? Can you...and will you...really go to all out war with the American civilian population? Don't you think the government considers the fact that a country as well armed as we are could create an utter and complete shit show if you attempted to control them en masse by force?
"God bless our troops...Especially our snipers.