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Originally Posted by Dave 90TT View Post
No, but they have some serious problems with truck attacks, knife attacks, and acid attacks. They also have some pretty serious governmental restrictions on free speech, and that's only getting worse.
I'm not saying europe doesn't have other problems, but the problems here at hand, where people start mass shootings all over the country/continent, is not as big as an issue in Europe.
Also its very stupid and also pointless to try and resoning a problem away by pointing to other, non related problems. Only children do that as a means to forget about the problem at hand.
And the truck attack you are referring to is a terrorist attack. That is not the discussed problem at hand here, or should I remember you to a certain date in 2001?
Also I have to see the first knife attack where 1 or 2 people kill dozens of persons in a brief moment in public, so I have no idea what kind of unrelated point you're trying to make.

And I'm sure that the 'governmental restriction on free speech' is just as non existent where I live (NL) as where you live.

Also your link and reasoning that being murdered by a gun is 'only' on the 107th place of causes of deaths in that list and that therefore there are 106 ways that require more attention is completely inhumane.
In that list are all causes of death listed. As if dying from a cardiovascular disease at old age because you live unhealty is just as bad as being murdered in a mass shooting.
Seriously what are you thinking?!?
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