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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
So, all these veterans who were taken back to the beach. Did they REALLY want to return, or is this even more sacrifice on their part to make the teens feel good about making them feel good?

And that 90+ yo guy that was part of a tandem jump to commemorate his jump from 75 ago. Does he REALLY want to go thru that again????
Uncle Wede;
I am going to take a stab at your question about why the vets return to Normandy and I think its a good one and because for many, this event was one of the biggest things to happen in their entire lifetime-many came home to live relatively uneventful lives compared to assaults on pillboxes and jumping out of the sky in the dark.
The camaraderie-they get to visit with other vets and talk about their units and shared experiences one last time and to look up some of their fallen buddies in the cemetery and experience incredible emotion and nostalgia no matter how horrifying the experience was.
Many of them are welcomed and treated as real heroes by the French people that were liberated from the occupying fascists and they probably revisit some of the towns and villages they helped liberate and maybe even established brief relationships with families there.
It allows them to revisit their youth, when they were young and strong and part of a winning team; fighting for a glorious cause while the whole world watched.