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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
This reply is just basic fiscal and political incompetence.

First, the taxation. Even if somehow TCJA is repealed, most people will either benefit or won't see any major difference. The big winners of TCJA are the top 1-2 percent. I'm guessing people like jmg and myself are seeing the crumbles of that juicy pie. Personally, I have no doubt those people will survive.

But let's be real: the chances of that happening are zero. The near-term demographic situation in the country guarantees that the Senate will be under Republican control for at least the next decade. Only a major party realignment or the mass migration of Democratic voters (read: non-whites) to rural states will change that. This is not going to happen any time soon. So TCJA is safe until it expires. The real fight will be in 2025 when lots of income tax changes revert to pre-TCJA by default. There will be a lot of political energy to do something about taxes at that time, and the only way for the 2020 election to have an effect on that fight is for the clown to fulfill the dreams of his Reddit sycophants and become an actual God Emperor.

Now, looking at the spending side. It's much easier to explain.

Things that matter:
- Military
- Social Security
- Medicare
- Interest on federal debt

Things that don't matter:
- Everything else, including DHS.
I don't believe in scared cows everything in that list should be drastically cut and the government should be promoting policy that reduce the burden on the tax payer such as dealing with illegals that burden our system.