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Originally Posted by dsad1 View Post
I wouldn't be opposed to it if they are taking it away because he wasn't paying property taxes, I would be opposed to it if they are just trying to take it away because the landlord isn't doing anything with it.

He didn't sink a dime into the property and it probably appreciated by at least double if not triple, that is an investment. As long as there is no security risk, the government has no right to do anything about that. That is like the government taking away stocks because you didn't trade them in a few years.
Yes but what about the public health and safety hazard? I get that this is a slippery slope, I really do. But in this case we had homeless people breaking in and having uncontrolled fires inside the buildings, using them for drug dealing and prostitution, and they were unsafe for firefighters or other first-responders to enter. They harbor rats and other vermin. They are essentially a public nuisance and a health and safety risk. Is that all OK just so long as the taxes re being paid? At some point the owner has to be accountable for securing the site and cleaning it up.